Welcome to my wild and wonderous webpage, Tales for a Shattered World!
Its primary purpose is to host my book of the same name, ETA 2024.
Until then, use the tabs to the left to dig around through my thoughts and assorted creative ventures.
If you are a fan of gay elves, very sad men, and fantasy maps,
then boy howdy have you come to the right place.

This site is not mobile friendly and is best viewed on PC.
TSW is intended for audiences 15 and up. Adult-only content will be clearly marked.

Latest Updates

+Added some art to the Sketchbook
+Another new Character added
+More exciting info added to the Map page!
+Another new point of interest on the Map. Probably the last one for a while.
+I swapped some of the navigation links for arbitrary reasons
+A new Character to the roster.

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