Welcome to a wonderful website made by me! Brian!

About the Site

TSW has no design philosophy. This website looks the way it does because I think it looks cute.
The true purpose of the website is to host my upcoming book of the same name, but that thing is taking forever.
So in the meantime I'm using it to host the many moving parts of my Aphelion project.
It is a universe built from the ground up that I started developing in my final year of college, and I've been going ever since.
I attempted a previous iteration of this site, but that quickly ran out of steam and I abandoned what little I had.
TSW is the stronger, handsomer version of that site.

I'm here because Aphelion is something that simply cannot survive on any form of modern social media.
Plus I'm sick to bastard death of the same six or seven awful sites and the deluge of "content."
I'm sick of content. I want a return to art. Good art, bad art, doesn't matter. Give it its name back.

shattered.world was born in October 2023.

About Me

Growing stranger and more powerful everyday.
I have one cat and a bachelors in geology.
I love weed and elves.

My Favorites

Food: garlic shrimp pasta
Drink: vodka lemonade
Artists: Louis Wain, Zdzisław Beksiński
Book: The Five Ages of the Universe
Music genres: ambient, eurobeat, 70s-80s classic rock
Movies: The Death of Stalin, Tora! Tora! Tora!, 1917
Television: Chernobyl, Band of Brothers
Games: Half Life, Morrowind, The Sims 2, Hearts of Iron 4

Contact me at ashatteredworld (at) proton (dot) me

Thanks for stopping by!

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