Name: Eino Arrosco
Born: 14,434 VE (34 yrs)
Place of Birth: Tirkau
Species: Ves
Race: Nenn
Height: 6 ft even
Weight: 180 lbs
Occupation: Hunter-gatherer
Residence: Beneath the Sky Pillar
Background: Factory worker, refugee
Magical Aptitude: Midrange
Notable Features: None in particular
Theme: here

Likes: Travel, meeting new people, religious studies, the outdoors, handsome priests
Dislikes: The past, politics, current events, the Valbaaran Empire


Eino spent his life on the outside, looking in. His mother was kind and his step-father was a good man, but he wasn't Eino's father. His half-sisters fit so much better into the family. Eino was barely a man when he left the family farm and headed north, looking for somewhere to belong. Instead, he fell into the grind of city life, and the days started to melt together. His stint on the factory line was a soul-sucking one, but the comfort of routine quickly lulled Eino into a stupor.

When the Valbaaran Empire decided to take Tirkau, Eino couldn't afford to sleepwalk any further. He ran like his tail was on fire, and he found himself in the city of Itas. Though he briefly settled in with the other Tirken refugees, Eino found himself plagued by a restlessness that couldn't be soothed. He didn't stay long in the city, and his wandering brought him out to the wild Jadowood. There was something deeply romantic about living off the land, and for years, he did simply this and little more. He taught himself to hunt, to fish, to build shelters, and to stay out of the long reach of the wild beardogs.

But even this could not last. There were rumblings that the Empire had not had its fill of blood, and that the Valbaarans wanted to finally claim the mainland. Whether rumor or truth, the uncertainty drove Eino to desperation. He took a boat north. Not to Grenvel island, but even further than that. Up to lonely Uir, removed from the politics of the world. It was there, in a small fishing down, that Eino caught wind of a solstice pilgrimage. It would be no easy feat, but Eino did not fancy himself a slouch.

The glacier was cruelly cold and the journey north was a treacherous one. But Eino was immediately captivated by the glacier, the Sky Pillar, and the humble people who called this desolate piece of the world home. He stayed for the summer soltice, and then returned for the next. And then, the cruel winter solstice. By the following summer, Eino traveled north with what was left of his meager worldly possesions, determined to never leave again. With the petty cruely of the world far behind him, Eino is happier on the glacier than he's ever been anywhere else.


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