Saint Kolja

Mortal Name: Kolja of Clan Bauer
Deified Name: St. Kolja, God-King of Itas
Born: 12,782 VE
Died: 12,854 VE (72 yrs)
Place of Birth: Itas
Species: Ves
Race: Iroth
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 180 lbs
Occupation in Life: First King of Itas
Divine Influence: The Kingdom of Itas, the Itasean jadowood, asymmetric warfare
Background: Noble, warrior
Magical Aptitude: Lesser deity
Notable Features: His material aspect is rarely seen without his spear
Theme: here

Likes: Battle, the wilderness, his homeland and its people, vanquishing his foes
Dislikes: The Valbaaran invader


As a mortal man, Kolja was born on the northern slopes of the mountains. He was the son of the Bauer clan chief, and he was well groomed to assume his father's duties. Cunning, agile, and a natural born archer, Kolja was well regarded among his people, though there were those who questioned his sincerity. He would marry a handsome man from a neighboring clan on the southern slopes. Though the marriage was political in nature, the pair quickly bonded, and the young Kolja was very pleased with his station in life.

Tragedy struck when invaders came from the far south. Death and terror followed, and Clan Bauer was cut to pieces. The ragged band of survivors fled into the dark jado forest, now looking to Kolja for guidance. He was forced to brush away the pain of losing family and friends, and instead grab the reins of what remained of his life. The following years saw him striking up alliances between the land's scattered clans, uniting them all around the common goal of driving back the Valbaaran invader. They were few and the enemy was great, so Kolja sought war on his own terms.

They appeared like shadows, struck like lightning, and disappeared on the wind. They would goad the enemy further and further into the dark brush, where they struggled to maintain formation. The forest was full of cruel traps, and archers crept through the canopy with poisoned arrows. Kolja became a cruel ghost; his name haunted enemy camps. Years of ruthless slaughter made the invader's campaign untenable, and when the Valbaaran fled, Kolja raised his banner. He had united his people, he had given them a common cause. He had carved the bedrock of Itas and planted the seeds of the Itasean culture.

Kolja spent the remainder of his mortal life on statecraft and raising his son, Khalo. He died an old man. Though in the centuries to follow, his name would never fade. Old Kolja was so beloved by his descendants that they rose him up as the god of their lands. He is a god of minor influence, but his will is unmistakable in his narrow domain. Now, St. Kolja sleeps in the city's catacombs, awaiting the day when he is called back to protect Itas once again.

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