Name: Nazir Falkner
Born: 14,474 VE (29 yrs)
Place of Birth: Itas
Species: Ves
Race: Nenn
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 160 lbs
Occupation: Radio engineer in the Itasean Provisional Army
Residence: Itas
Background: Entertainer, radio personality
Magical Aptitude: Midrange
Notable Features: Gray streak in his hair
Theme: here

Likes: Making people laugh, dominating a conversation, animals, wining and dining, dancing
Dislikes: Hot weather, grime, grit, getting lost in the woods, bugs


Nazir was born to two Tirken immigrants who were looking for a quick way out of their recently annexed homeland. The young family found peace in Itas, and the young Nazir grew up calling himself Itasean. By the time the Empire came knocking a second time, his mother was deathly ill. Nazir's father was forced to choose between taking his son and fleeing to the Grenvellan home island, or staying behind with his dying wife. He dwelled on the decision too long, and the war came to them. It lasted all of six days, and the young Nazir found himself a part of the Valbaaran Empire, despite his parents' best efforts.

His father was gone more often than he was around, and begging more often than he was employed, so Nazir bounced between a cramped flat and the municipal orphanage. During the Winter Rising, Nazir lied about his age and joined the Evergreen Coalition. But the revolution came too early, and Nazir, not even 20 years old, managed to keep his head down long enough to avoid a stint in a POW camp. Between all of this, he learned the value in making other people laugh and telling a good story.

As he grew into a man, Nazir would cross paths with a mysterious and dashing partisan, and the two of them would soon marry. Nazir was intrigued by Tuo's connections with the deeply underground Evergreen remnants, and he was more than happy to dip his toes back into the cause. The best thing he could have done was be the man on the inside. And so, Nazir used his natural charisma and humor to earn himself a job with the state radio. He began as a writer, then coaxed his way into a presenter's role. All the while, Nazir would stay late to learn as much as he could about the technical side of broadcasting.

When war came once again, Nazir was ready. The combat days were long behind him, thankfully. He was far too valuable climbing radio towers and calibrating equipment to ever step back into the firing line. And an Itas fighting to cast off its chains needed a comforting voice more than they ever had under occupation. From coasting on the Imperial bank roll to calling for every Itasean to do their duty, Nazir was the last person anyone would have suspected of sabotage. As it would turn out, Nazir wasn't quite as foolish as he put on.

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