Name: Yevekai
Nickname: Yeve (yeh-vay)
Born: 14,432 VE (36 yrs)
Place of Birth: Uir's northern glacier
Species: Ves
Race: Naiko
Height: 6 ft 4 in
Weight: 175 lbs
Occupation: Moon priest
Residence: Beneath the Sky Pillar
Background: Hermit, religious acolyte
Magical Aptitude: Exceptional
Notable Features: Stretched ears, antlers ground down to nubs
Theme: here

Likes: meditation, learning, storytelling, meeting new people, staring into the sun
Dislikes: Bad manners, unappreciative guests


Yevekai was born to the Tiktala tribe, a deeply traditionalist people living at the top of the world. For 5,000 years, they lived on the glacier exactly as their ancestors had, unchanging in their customs or way of life. Living on holy land, Yeve's people were determined to live with their ecosystem, as divinely ordained. And so Yevekai grew up knowing only this humble, willfully primitive way of life.

It was at a young age that Yevekai chose to go live with his mentor, the priest Tavol. At all of 12 years old, Yeve had lost all interest in childlike pursuits. Rather than playing and fighting, he was only interested in hearing divine stories and learning the teachings of the Old Ones. But Yevekai wasn't the typical young acolyte, there was something very different about him that would quickly become evident. At first, he thought they were dreams, until they crept into his waking hours. He would sit perfectly still for hours at a time, staring into nothing. And then, with pure elation, Yevekai would regale his mentor with the bizarre and inexplicable things he saw in his visions.

Yevekai's trances would last for hours, sometimes days at a time. He seemed to have forgotten the cold in the meantime, and he would often sit outside without a coat or boots, until icicles grew on his ears. He would tell anyone who would listen about his journey into the cosmos and back through time, as though he were seeing through far-distant eyes. His kinsmen quietly chittered about what exactly he was conspiring, though years would pass and Yeve seemed content to simply channel these visions. He upheld the tribe's religious customs precisely as he had been taught, and despite his grand claims, Yevekai seemed to harbor no ulterior motives.

Following Tavol's death, Yevekai began to live largely in isolation. He'd host visits from other members of the tribe, though he rarely sought out anyone's company in particular. Now, as the Tiktala's high priest, he leads the tribe's solstice ceremonies, prepares the bodies of the dead, and spends his days carving intricate petroglyphs. As an adult, Yevekai will confidently call himself moon priest of the dead god, All Creation. This otherwise outrageous claim has been legitimized after Yevekai climbed the Sky Pillar to speak with the Sky God, who chose not to strike him down for this. And if an Old God can accept his claim, then surely the mortals can stomach it as well.


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