King Johann the Liberator

Name: Johann of House Vellavan
Born: 14,464 VE (36 yrs)
Place of Birth: Itas
Species: Ves
Race: Iroth
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 175 lbs
Occupation: Prince-in-Exile of Itas
Residence: Kolarus
Background: Royal, military general
Magical Aptitude: Midrange
Notable Features: Prosthetic right hand
Theme: here

Likes: Reading, strategy, chess, contemplation, theological research, military history
Dislikes: The Valbaaran Empire and its apologists


Poor Johann was barely 12 years old when the world came crashing down upon him. One day he heard panicked whispers of the Valbaaran invader tunneling under the Jonder mountains, and before the week was up, they were marching on Itas. The young prince shivered under his bed as cannons cracked in the near distance. His father called for peace, desperate for the preservation of his people in the face of an unbearable opponent. The poor old king was rewarded with execution, and his family was cast north to the Grenvellan home island.

Johann wept a lifetime's worth of tears over his loss. He was torn away from his homeland and his people long before he became a man, and so he grew into himself with a bitter thorn stuck in his craw. He and his family were warmly welcomed into the Kolarran court just across the strait, and Johann was given nothing short of the greatest education. He took to military studies from a very early age, and Johann was quick to volunteer to be sent to the war in Ypsen. The Empire was clearly training for a greater war, and Johann wanted to be witness to every decision. He spent months advising the local generals and gathering intelligence on the ground.

And then came the day he was born for. Itas was rising, and they needed their king. Johann returned to his homeland as soon as the ports were reclaimed, and with shells still shattering the ground, Johann took to the radio to call his people to their duty. He would sacrifice a piece of himself- his dominant hand- to call forth the god of that land to protect them from the cruel Imperial domination.

Johann is terribly afraid of his death. He has not married, and he certainly has not produced an heir. But duty calls, and he is even more terrified of not rising to the task than he is to being swallowed up by history. If his death is what it takes for Itas to rally to liberation, then he will meet the God of Death head on. Johann may die screaming, but he will not die with regret.

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